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Screenshot of Poker Challenge

Poker Challenge for the iPhone / iPod Touch

Poker Challenge is an addictive puzzle game with a simple premise – win the most money by making the best poker hands using adjacent cards dealt randomly onto a grid.  As each hand is selected and submitted, those cards disappear and the remaining cards fall or shift into place.  You need to think strategically and plan ahead in order to win the most money.  If your final total is less than $100, you get nothing and lose your entry fee.

Money is earned in three ways – by gaining points from completing poker hands, by making the most different types of hands, and by clearing the entire board.  Since clearing the board is so challenging, you will earn a large bonus if you are able to do this.  After each game, your score and bonuses are tallied and added to your winnings.  

The cards are dealt into an 8x7 grid including the standard 52 cards and 4 Jokers.  The Jokers are NOT wild.  Instead, they can be used to remove an adjacent card.  Jokers on the bottom row have the special ability to remove any other card on the board.  

Poker Challenge is based on the PC game by NorthStar Solutions, LLC and the iPhone version has been produced in collaboration with them.  Once you start playing Poker Challenge, you will find it hard to stop!  

Game features include supporting up to 4 different players using the same iPhone, amusing sound effects, high scores, and automatically saving games in progress.  

Please e-mail support@robinsongames.com if you would like more information or have any recommendations on how to improve Poker Challenge.  Enjoy!